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NewYork-Presbyterian Launches Mom & Baby Mobile Health Center in New York City

The mobile unit, made possible through a collaboration with March of Dimes, brings quality pregnancy and women’s health care to underserved communities.

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Giving Heart Patients New Life

With its comprehensive cardiology and cardiac surgery programs, NewYork-Presbyterian helped three people transform their health — and their lives.

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After an Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis, a Nurse Seizes a Chance to Soar

To thank her doctor and celebrate life, Mary Skehan wanted to do something spectacular — so she went skydiving.

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Can You Heal From Trauma? with Dr. JoAnn Difede

A psychologist describes the medical approach to trauma and effective treatments for PTSD.

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What Are the Signs of Gaslighting? with Dr. Warren Ng

A psychiatrist explains how to recognize the signs of gaslighting and effective ways to respond to it.

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How Should I Prepare For Menopause? with Dr. Susan Loeb-Zeitlin

Discover how to recognize signs of perimenopause and menopause, as well as treatments and advancements, including the latest on what we know about hormone replacement therapy.

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How Common Is Infertility? with Dr. Alexis Melnick

A reproductive endocrinologist debunks common myths about human fertility and describes a variety of options for fertility treatment.

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Can Going Outside Benefit My Mental Health? with Dr. Erin Engle

In honor of Earth Day, a psychologist explores how nature can impact mood and benefit mental health.

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