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NewYork-Presbyterian performs more organ transplants than any other U.S. hospital, saving the lives of countless patients in need of new hearts, lungs, livers, kidneys, intestines, and pancreases. The hospital is ranked as one of the top organ transplant programs in the country for having better-than-expected outcomes. Here, you’ll discover the inspiring reasons behind living donors’ decision to donate, plus what it’s like to be a living donor. Go behind the scenes of one wife’s decision to give her kidney to her husband, saving his life in the process. Learn about the cutting-edge research Dr. Megan Sykes is leading to reduce the occurrence of rejection in organ transplant recipients. See how Dr. Adam Griesemer’s research proves how the liver’s ability to regenerate makes it like a lizard and a starfish — and an ideal organ for living organ donation. And read about Jessica Chipkin-Klein, who has her medical providers to thank for getting her back to an active, fulfilling life after liver failure.