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New York Presbyterian Health Matters - Stories of Science, Care & Wellness

The HIV Epidemic: From Deadly Crisis to Routine Care

For more than three decades, NewYork-Presbyterian’s HIV clinics have worked on the front lines of treating and preventing HIV.

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How Is The Liver Like a Lizard and a Starfish?

Its remarkable powers include the ability to regenerate. The “Super Liver” makes living liver donation possible.

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A Special NICU Graduation: After 336 Days, Thea Rosch Goes Home!

After spending the first 11 months of her life being treated for a rare blood-cell disorder, Thea Rosch finally left the NICU — with a big send-off from her care team.

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Tips to Prevent Neck and Back Pain with Dr. J. Ricky Singh

We’ve all felt discomfort in our neck and back. A spine specialist offers simple techniques that anyone can include in their daily routines to keep our backs healthy and pain free.

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Why We Should Get More Sleep with Dr. Ana Krieger

Sleep is the first thing we sacrifice when life gets busy — but we shouldn’t. A sleep medicine expert shares techniques to help you prioritize quality sleep.

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Our Guts and Brain: The Connection Between Digestive Health and Mental Health ​with Dr. Benjamin Lebwohl

A gastroenterologist describes how the health of our digestive tract can have implications for mental health, and what anyone can do to support their digestive health.

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