The Future of Healthcare

NewYork-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center:
A New Patient Experience.

Imagine this: You’ve been diagnosed with an illness and fear the road ahead, assuming it will be stressful, confusing, and time-consuming for you and your family.  But then your primary care physician refers you to a specialist at the NewYork-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center. You make an appointment, fill out the paperwork online, and the day arrives. You’re a little nervous and not sure what to expect.  You arrive and walk into a light-filled lobby with a soaring ceiling. Someone greets you and helps you find your way. No lines. No waiting room with hard, uncomfortable chairs. No confusion about where you’re expected to be.

In Their Own Words

Listen to the people behind the NYP David H. Koch Center.

Portrait of Dr. Silvia Formenti
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Dr. Silvia Formenti, Radiation Oncologist in Chief on Cancer Care

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Chif Umejei, Director, IT/Corporate Services on Smart Technology

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Cookie Frempong, Director of Outpatient Oncology on Cancer Care & Integrative Health

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Peter Stoffan, Patient Care Director on Patient Experience