Transforming Brooklyn Storefronts into Community Galleries

Art on the Ave and NewYork-Presbyterian have installed street-facing art exhibits for the public to enjoy.

From left to right: Sage Gallon, artist; Jomani Danielle, curator; Barbara Anderson, founder and executive director, Art on the Ave; Aleathea Sapp-Jimenez, artist; Barrington Brissett, artist

Art on the Ave, in collaboration with NewYork-Presbyterian, has launched art exhibits in storefronts in the Bedford Stuyvesant and Park Slope neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn exhibit transforms storefronts into colorful, vibrant galleries that passersby can enjoy. Its theme is “Spread Love . . . It’s the Brooklyn Way.”

Art on the Ave supports, elevates, and gives visibility to local artists, while beautifying neighborhoods and contributing to their revitalization.

“This show is uplifting,” says Barbara Anderson, founder and executive director of Art on the Ave NYC. “When people stand in front of one of these paintings, it lifts their spirits.”

The street-facing exhibitions are on display on 7th Ave. in Brooklyn, near NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, and in four vacant storefronts in the Bedford-Stuyvesant community.

The exhibit encompasses 64 works of art by 29 artists, most of whom are from Brooklyn and all the art is available for purchase at the end of the installation.

“This installation makes art more accessible to the public, allowing Brooklyn to see itself mirrored back in a beautiful and positive light,” says the exhibit’s curator Jomani Danielle.

“The reason why I chose these pieces is because in my mind love is infectious. And the best way to spread it is through meaningful interactions with other people, which is shown throughout my artwork, like this couple enjoying time together.”

– Barrington Brissett

“This exhibit celebrates life, people, cultures — and that is what Brooklyn is about. My painting represents the community, no matter where you come from in Brooklyn. It’s about spreading love, brotherhood, and sisterhood. It’s spreading joy, the Brooklyn way.”

– Aleathea Sapp-Jimenez

“When I found out what the theme was ‘Spread Love . . . It’s the Brooklyn Way’ I was ecstatic. This particular piece is called ‘Happy.’  What I wanted to express with the color palette was the sense of joy.”

– Sage Gallon

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