Father’s Day Reflections

New dads with babies in NewYork-Presbyterian neonatal intensive care units share what Father’s Day means to them.

I thought Father’s Day would be all about my new relationship with my daughter, but it’s also reinforcing the feelings I have towards my wife.

I’ve been reflecting on the possibilities of the future and what I want for my daughter and my family. It’s an opportunity for a little bit of introspection and to filter away anything that we normally assign a lot of stress to. What I’m going to remember is with the right amount of support, you can get through anything.

I’m thankful for my own father as well. He had the opportunity to see her and seeing the older generation interacting with the newest generation was very special. She looks like him.”

Anibal Arocho and his daughter, Madeline
NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

“Becoming a father has been the biggest blessing I have ever received. The amount of love I feel for my daughter is overwhelming, along with the amount of respect I have gained for my beautiful wife through this process. I’m so thankful to all the staff and doctors for helping us, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”




— Joseph Femia and his daughter
NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital

“As a dad, I want my child to be whatever they want to be. I’m not going to get in the way, because their goal is not my goal. My goal is to make sure they are healthy and strong enough to go pursue their goal. So that’s what I want for them. I want them to have their own dream, because I already have my dream — we had twins and they are beautiful, healthy babies.

My message to every dad is count your blessings. Look forward to being a great dad every year that goes by. Don’t take this life for granted, because you only get one life and your last name lives on through your children, so that’s who you live for.”

— Christopher Grier and his daughter, Cristina
NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

“It’s great to be a dad. We had twins born exactly three months premature, on Valentine’s Day. I’ve been here at every step. It’s been a journey — especially seeing what they’ve been though, seeing their strength and determination. I’m grateful for them choosing me. I can watch them grow, mature, and be productive in society. I can be there for the milestones and be a part of their memories. I want to teach them integrity, honesty, being true to their word — and to know that they are valued.”


— Brian Martin and his son, Samir
NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital

“The first week, you find out what everyone talks about — all of a sudden, you’re afraid of everything. But the nurses here have been amazing. They really do calm you and teach you. When I first got here, I kept asking them, ‘Is she crying enough? Is that a bad thing?’ And they said, ‘Don’t worry. Once she gets hungry, she’ll cry.’ So I think, it’s OK to be scared and stressed. I’m just celebrating all the milestones and understanding that the scary stuff isn’t actually bad, but par for the course.”


Andrew Tint and his daughter, Lilah
NewYork-Presbyterian Alexandra Cohen Hospital for Women and Newborns

“I am grateful that I will get to spend Father’s Day at home with both our boys, and I appreciate all the staff in the NICU for taking such good care of Aryan.”





Vijay Vedula and his son, Aryan
NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital  

“You don’t know how much you could love until you have a baby girl!”






— Craig Bergquist and his daughter
NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital

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